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Taking place on Sundays, August 3 & 24, 2 pm
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Let the LivingWell Lifestyle Program help you reduce common health related problems like heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol.
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This is a 6-week intensive lifestyle program that is built upon the award-winning Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP).

  • Every third child born after the year 2000 will die with type 2 diabetes. See why...
  • The GEMINAL study followed 30 men with prostate cancer who elected not to receive surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Find out what happened…
  • Arteries of overweight 10-year-old children were like those of 45-year-old adults. Read more...
  • Studies show that skipping breakfast is not associated with lower body weight, but actually with higher weight. Here's why...

*The first 10 people to register and pay in full before classes begin on September 7th will receive a $100 Potomac Adventist Book & Health Food Store gift card.